Airport Floors: Types, Benefits & Importance

Airports Floors, Needs, Types, Durability and Cost

Airport Polished Concrete Floors

Airports require extremely durable flooring to withstand the millions of feet that come through each year. No matter the size of an airport, the right flooring can be everlasting and gorgeous at the same time. At National Concrete, we pride ourselves on providing the best flooring for Airports that will last a lifetime. Airport floors are different from other types of floors like commercial kitchens because they need to stand up to a different type of impact rather than having a focus on being antimicrobial. Airport floors are similar to warehouse floors because they both require the ability to be able to not break under the traffic of heavy machinery.

Airport Flooring Options

Airport floors must be extremely durable and hard-wearing. Urethane floors are good for airport hangers as well as polished concrete. Inside airports, polished concrete with areas of flake epoxy floor coatings works the best.

Inside The Airport

Inside the airport, it’s important for the floors to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and also not be slippery to avoid slip and fall accidents. For the larger walking areas, polished concrete is the best option because it is easier to maintain than carpeted floors. In certain areas like the spaces that have security, epoxy is a great option that many airports have adopted.

Airport Hangers

Airport hangers must be durable enough to withstand the rubber tires of airplanes without leaving major skidmarks or coming up over time. For these floors urethane epoxy floors are a great option as well as polished concrete.

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The Types of Floors for Airports

There are several types of flooring you will come across when entering any airport across the country. These types include:

  • Polished ConcretePolished concrete is environmentally friendly and can help airports become leed certified. These floors are extremely functional and can stand up to heavy traffic. Maintenance for polished concrete floors in airports is also very low.
  • Decorative concreteDecorative concrete applications can be applied to polished concrete floors and will have the same environmentally friendly installation options as well as the durability.
  • EpoxyAdds additional strength to the life of your concrete floor but may need more maintenance than polished concrete floors.
  • Stamped concreteAn option for areas outside of the airport but should not be used inside the airport or in airport hangers.

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