How To Keep Epoxy Floors Shiny

Epoxy floors are well known for their elegant, glossy appearance in homes and garages. Due to its smooth surface and attractive features, epoxy is most commonly used for decorative purposes. However, just like any type of flooring, epoxy eventually will lose its shine. In order to keep your flooring looking new, epoxy will need regular maintenance to maintain its attractive beauty.

Although there are many types of epoxy flooring, epoxy is made with many layers of coating that make it durable. However, you can damage the material without proper care. While using any furniture, cycle, or similar things, you can use protective pads to avoid scratching. Even though the material is scratch-resistant; you can take some precautionary measures to maintain the look for a long.

Routine Cleaning Is Your Friend

To boost the aesthetic appeal of your home’s flooring, epoxy will need routine maintenance cleaning. Certain solutions and cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can de-gloss epoxy floors. For best results, use only water and gentle cleaners for maintaining the shine in epoxy floors.

If your epoxy floors receive heavy vehicle or foot traffic, it may be best to perform a heavy-duty cleaning every six months rather than once a year.

Protect From Damage

Epoxy flooring is crafted with layers of resin and hardeners forming a solid adhesive bond to base materials such as concrete making it highly resistant to degradation. There are many precautionary measures that can reduce the possibility of epoxy being damaged over time. For instance, placing protective pads on bicycle and motorcycle stands can prevent the epoxy from becoming scratched in your garage. 

High-traffic areas such as entranceways can become worn out over time without added protection. If you installed epoxy flooring in your house, consider placing soft pads under furniture that has metallic legs and it may be wise to cover your flooring with rugs whenever possible. 

Apply Wax or Another Epoxy Coat

Even with regular maintenance, epoxy floors can lose their shine over time. If your epoxy flooring no longer possesses its glossy appearance, you may need to apply wax. A few coatings of wax can bring back the shine in epoxy while adding a protective layer to flooring.

When applying wax to epoxy flooring, mainly target the high-traffic areas. Entrances and doorways are ideal places for applying a coat of wax. Areas that do not receive high traffic may not require wax. An alternative to wax is applying a second coat of epoxy to your epoxy floors.

Remove Stains Right Away

The best way to keep epoxy floors clean is to wipe up any spills or messes immediately after they occur to prevent unsightly stains from forming while also protecting your epoxy floor from damage in the future. 

If regular cleaning fails to remove tough stains on your epoxy flooring, it may be time to use a cleaner. Diluted ammonia is a recommended solution for epoxy floors. Never use pure ammonia or bleach on your epoxy floors, as they may lead to permanent damage. Even products such as citrus cleaners or soap-based cleaners can cause significant damage to epoxy flooring.

Hire The Professionals

If you’re struggling to clean your epoxy flooring, it may be best to hire a professional. Professional services will understand exactly what types of cleaners to use on your epoxy flooring. Additionally, professionals utilize special equipment for removing tough stains and bringing back the sparkling appearance of epoxy floors. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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