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A polished concrete floor is indisputable in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. When you consider the floor’s lifespan, it’s also highly cost-effective. That is why so many people prefer it to other types of flooring. However, not all concrete floors are the same. Polishing and buffing a concrete floor does not guarantee that it will be attractive. You don’t always obtain a lovely result. Why? Because, in essence, polishing concrete can only improve and reveal what is already there. It doesn’t ‘hide’ or ‘cover’ the flaws in the current floor; rather, it highlights them. As a result, if you start with an ugly floor, you’ll wind up with a shinier, better-sealed unattractive floor after polishing.

What Is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is the process of grinding down a concrete surface to a desired level of smoothness and shines with heavy-duty floor grinding equipment, similar to sanding wood to create a high-gloss finish. A polished concrete floor, also known as a cement polished floor, is a no-wax flooring material created by rolling a floor grinding machine over a concrete surface – new or old – to achieve a high-gloss finish.

Polished concrete floors are increasingly being used in retail shops, offices, commercial warehouses, and high-end households due to their visual appeal, great durability, and better functionality.

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The Pros And Cons Of Polished Concrete Floors

Because of the following advantages, both commercial and residential developers are choosing polished concrete floors over other forms of flooring coverings:


  • Cost-effective: When compared to typical floor coverings, polished concrete floors are more cost effective. It has much lower maintenance costs.
  • Various designs are available: Polished concrete floors come in a variety of styles and colors, making them an excellent alternative for homeowners wishing to construct beautiful homes.
  • Reflectivity of light. This is a significant advantage for commercial establishments that seek to create a bright, professional image through lighting.
  • Transmission of moisture. Concrete polishing allows the surface to breathe, avoiding the problems that might occur when other floor coverings are used to seal the concrete.
  • Superior durability and ease of maintenance
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  • Hard – The material’s hardness and durability can also be a disadvantage because the surface is extremely hard and will not cushion or “give” under feet, making it uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time.
  • Cold – Concrete floors also have the disadvantage of not retaining heat very effectively….
  • Moisture – polishing concrete cannot be done in damp conditions.
  • Loud – the machinery used creates a lot of loud sound that can be jarring.

Average Cost

Depending on your region and the complexity of the project, polished concrete might cost anywhere from $3 to $12 per square foot. The cost of polished concrete is determined by how many stages of grinding are required to get a smooth surface. The price of polished concrete may increase depending on the ornamental features used, such as staining or scoring.

Factors That Affect Cost

These price ranges apply to existing concrete grinding, polishing, and ornamental aspects. New concrete installation would be in addition to the price ranges listed above. Here are some more specifics on the elements that influence the ultimate price:

  • Gloss or shine level: The tier of shine dictates the number of steps in the polishing process; the glossier the finish, the more steps, and the higher the cost.
  • Space: While total square footage certainly translates to the total cost, the price per square foot for larger locations can be significantly lower.
  • Currently installed flooring: The cost of the project will increase if the existing flooring needs to be removed. It also has an impact on the expenses of surface preparation. If a floor is currently carpeted or covered in linoleum, for example, there will be adhesive that must be removed. 
  • Existing surface condition: Before the existing surface can be ground and polished, cracks, holes, and gouges must be rectified. Stains must also be removed, and if the needed repairs are severe, an overlay may be required before polishing. Surface preparation can cost an extra $2 per square foot.

How We Can Help You

One of the most essential parts of a concrete resurfacing project for our customers is the pricing. At National Concrete Polishing, we collaborate with you to ensure that you receive the results you desire while staying within your budget—without adding any unexpected fees along the way. To meet today’s trade demands, a diverse range of industrial concrete floor coverings continues to grow and expand.  We help you make the best decision. So, call us or visit us on our website for more details.

Concrete Polishing needed? 

We specialize in top-quality concrete and epoxy flooring services, enhancing the beauty and durability of your surfaces. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in the following cities:

  1. Epoxy & Polished Concrete Flooring In Oklahoma
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Can’t find your city listed? No worries! We operate nationwide. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What Makes Polished Concrete Floors Eco-Friendly?

Polished concrete floors are eco-friendly for several reasons. First, they utilize existing concrete slabs, reducing the need for new materials. This minimizes resource consumption and waste. Additionally, the polishing process eliminates the need for hazardous coatings, resulting in fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the environment. The reflectivity of polished concrete can also reduce lighting needs, lowering energy consumption. Overall, polished concrete is a sustainable choice that contributes to green building practices.

How Long Does the Concrete Polishing Process Take?

The duration of the concrete polishing process depends on the size of the area and the level of detail required for the finish. For a standard residential project, the process typically takes between 2 to 5 days. Larger commercial spaces or projects requiring intricate designs may take longer. The process involves several stages, including grinding, honing, and polishing, each requiring different levels of attention and time to achieve the desired results.

What Maintenance Is Required for Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance compared to other flooring options. Routine maintenance involves regular dust mopping to remove dirt and debris and occasional wet mopping with a neutral pH cleaner. It’s also important to promptly clean up spills to prevent staining. Over time, you may need to reapply a sealer or perform a light re-polishing to maintain the floor’s shine and durability, but these tasks are infrequent and generally straightforward.

What Is the Cost of Polishing Concrete Floors?

The cost of polishing concrete floors can vary based on several factors, including the size of the area, the condition of the existing concrete, and the desired finish. On average, you can expect to pay between $3 to $12 per square foot. Basic polishing, which involves fewer steps, is on the lower end of the scale, while high-gloss finishes and intricate designs are more expensive. It’s essential to get multiple quotes from contractors to ensure you receive a fair price for your specific project.

Can All Types of Concrete Be Polished?

Most types of concrete can be polished, but the condition and composition of the concrete can affect the final result. New concrete can be designed specifically for polishing, while older concrete might require additional preparation, such as patching cracks or filling holes. The hardness and density of the concrete also play a role in how well it will polish. Consulting with a professional will help determine if your concrete is suitable for polishing and what steps may be needed to achieve the best results.

Chris Lavin is an esteemed leader in concrete polishing and epoxy coatings with a distinguished 20-year career. As the owner of National Concrete Polishing and Xtreme Polishing Systems, he's renowned for polishing and epoxy coating more floors than anyone globally. His companies, with over 20 locations across the United States, are testaments to his expertise and dedication to the industry. Chris is recognized for his innovative approach and commitment to enhancing floor durability and aesthetics. His hands-on experience and technical proficiency make him a respected authority and a valuable resource in the field of floor polishing and coatings.

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