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National Concrete Polishing suggests that changing something as simple as your counter and bar tops can change your life forever. Countertops are something in which we don’t pay enough attention to and are typically overlooked when renovating your residential or commercial space. These neglected surfaces can make a huge statement for clients and guests. Polished or decorative concrete countertops are ideal surfaces that provide durability and appeal to any artistic taste. You also have the option to create decorative effects on your table, counter and bar tops with a high gloss epoxy finish. Epoxy is an adhesive material that binds to concrete surfaces, which provides you with a colorful and much more valuable substrate, while also protecting your countertop surfaces from scratches and heat damage for clients and guests to appreciate. National Concrete Polishing can also provide protective clear top coats for polished concrete and epoxy countertops to ensure a scratch and UV resistant seamless surface.

What Are Common Applications for Epoxy Countertops

Concrete and epoxy countertops have evolved overtime, especially in commercial environments. The most commonly found applications are in hotels, showrooms, restaurants, retail outlets, industrial and residential garages, warehouses, and institutions like school facilities and hospitals.



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Benefits of Decorative Countertops

​By upgrading your concrete countertops with an epoxy coating or polished concrete application you’re ensuring a durable and resistant surface, creating a much safer atmosphere. Upgrading your countertops improves reflectivity, prevents scratches and minimizes the efforts necessary to maintain them. Enhance your surfaces today with a cost effective countertop application that’s sure to add value to your environment while impressing your community.


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Concrete all around the world has long dominated industries, particularly flooring, because of its exceptional durability, zero-maintenance and simply pleasant appearance that concrete delivers.

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