Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

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A garage floor can be much more than a storage space, and throughout its lifetime it can undergo hot tire marks, grease, and other nasty chemical spills. Your garage can still be a beautiful extension of your home or business with a nice-looking, reliable floor. Decorative coatings are a popular choice for garage floor solutions, […]

Glitter Epoxy

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National Concrete Polishing offers glitter coating solutions for those who prefer shiny, mesmerizing finishes. Glitter coatings add an amazing sparkle to any surface of your choice, completely enhancing any 3D epoxy design. National Concrete Polishing uses polyester glitter which is much more durable then your common shelf-bought, craft glitters and can withstand the chemical properties that epoxy has. Glitter […]

Concrete Epoxy Countertops

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National Concrete Polishing suggests that changing something as simple as your counter and bar tops can change your life forever. Countertops are something in which we don’t pay enough attention to and are typically overlooked when renovating your residential or commercial space. These neglected surfaces can make a huge statement for clients and guests. Polished or decorative concrete […]

Commercial Epoxy Floors

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When several facilities require advanced top coat protection for their floor, counter, bar and tabletop surfaces, they typically struggle to find the proper and most reliable protective coating to meet meet all of their requirements. National Concrete Polishing installs professional flake flooring systems that grant the ability to protect and guard surfaces from damages like constant […]

Concrete Resurfacing

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Concrete is a straightforward building material that consists of components such as cement, water and gravel. Once cured, concrete is unmatched for its durability and longevity. However, even concrete can experience aging and undergo major damage. National Concrete Polishing is aware that concrete surfaces can crack overtime, causing imperfections, or may even experience surface discoloration. The process […]

Metallic Epoxy Floors – Types, Benefits & Installation

Metallic Epoxy Floors

METALLIC EPOXY FLOORS Metallic Epoxy is a style of epoxy application that involves mixing between two and 5 colors together using swirling techniques to provide a completely unique floor. We install metallic epoxy floors all over the country everywhere from garage floors to hotel loby floors and commercial spaces.

Floor Removal & Shot Blasting

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National Concrete Polishing is a licensed flooring contractor that provides the safest and highest quality floor removal services for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our trained technicians can service your home with professional equipment at maximum efficiency. For commercial projects our services can be scheduled conveniently around your business’s operating hours. National Concrete Polishing is […]

Decorative Concrete

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National Concrete Polishing is a licensed flooring contractor for decorative concrete solutions in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Decorative concrete flooring has completely ascended over the years. Homeowners and a multitude of businesses, big and small, have shown a keen interest in decorating their concrete surfaces. Your concrete floors provide you an opportunity to become […]

Concrete Polishing

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National Concrete Polishing is a licensed flooring contractor for commercial, industrial and residential polished concrete solutions. Polished concrete is a highly popular flooring option for industrial factories and warehouses, business establishments, educational institutions and residential neighborhoods, simply because polished concrete is a safe, low maintenance and eco-friendly flooring choice. Polished concrete has truly become a renowned flooring […]