What Type Of Epoxy Is The Best Choice For Your Garage Floor?


If you want a new garage floor, you have probably watched youtube videos or seen pinterest pictures of amazing garage floors. They exist, and we install them with 100% pur epoxy coating. If you get a garage floor that has a waterbased paint or an epoxy that is mixed with paint, then it will not withstand the test of time and you may end up in trouble down the road with peeling or decay on your new floor.   


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How to Choose the Best Epoxy Coating

100% solids epoxy coating is a floor system made from pure epoxy that will bond to concrete and remain durable for as long as the concrete is in tact. It’s also non-porous which means that bacteria and other contaminants can not grow in it (this makes it great for restaurants and other food-related businesses as well as industrial settings). 

Epoxy flooring is very common for garage floors. If you want a very strong and long-lasting garage floor, epoxy is your best bet, but make sure that you have the right type of epoxy. You can do it on your own but for the best result better hire an expert. There are several types of epoxy and you should choose based on what kind of flooring you have, cost and your preference.

Here some of the choices:

Water-Based Paint – This is the cheapest epoxy option, easy to apply and non-toxic but also the least durable, it is not long lasting. Probably not the best type for industrial use.

Two-Part Solvent-Based – This kind is more toxic but definitely stronger than the water-based epoxy. This type of epoxy is also easy to apply.

Two-Part 100 Percent Solids – The best choice to have a durable sturdy floor. This type cures through chemical procedures that creates hard, tough and beautiful surfaces. This is the most used type of epoxy coating because of its quality, it will make your floor stronger than before. This high-quality flooring is chemical and abrasive resistant.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Same Day Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy coating beautifies floors and any space which adds value to your home. Epoxy also extends the life span of your concrete and preserves it as well. National Concrete Polishing has been installing epoxy floors for years across the country. If you have questions about your new floor, give us a call.

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