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A garage floor can be much more than a storage space, and throughout its lifetime it can undergo hot tire marks, grease, and other nasty chemical spills. Your garage can still be a beautiful extension of your home or business with a nice-looking, reliable floor. Decorative coatings are a popular choice for garage floor solutions, including decorative flake systems and industrial coatings because of the captivating, glossy, and attractive results they yield. If you’re seeking a more natural and effortless choice, polished concrete and decorative concrete also have a magnificent, straightforward, and pleasant appearance that is very affordable. Let National Concrete Polishing take your garage floors to the next level with a durable floor installation.

Same Day Garage Floor Coatings

Our garage floor coating system has been perfected with years of experience to be completed in one day. We come in the morning and grind the concrete, handle all of the prep work, and do floor patching. After that, we apply the first coat of epoxy and broadcast vinyl flakes into the floor. Once the epoxy dries we add a top coat of clear epoxy or polyurethane to seal the floor. This gives you an epoxy garage floor that lasts for life, looks beautiful and is eco-friendly. Call us today for a new garage floor coating!

What Are the Different Types of Garage Flooring

Your garage floors can take on a lot of abuse so improving the surface and protecting it against stains and deterioration is critical in any given environment. Common applications for garage floors are epoxy coatings, polyaspartic/ urethane topcoats, decorative concrete overlays, flake/ vinyl chip systems and polished concrete.



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Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Renovating your garage floors provides an opportunity to be unique by choosing an aesthetically pleasing, moisture and slip-resistant surface, based on the type of flooring you choose. By simply restoring and upgrading your garage surfaces you’re granted have the ability to preserve those surfaces over time and you’re also guaranteed a much safer environment. Garage floor epoxy systems can come in metallic epoxy or flake epoxy. National Concrete Polishing is a leading provider of epoxy floors nationwide.


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Concrete all around the world has long dominated industries, particularly flooring, because of its exceptional durability, zero-maintenance and simply pleasant appearance that concrete delivers.

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