How Much Does It Cost To Apply Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy resin coatings are a cost-effective way to protect your existing surface and provide an aesthetic, durable and highly customizable floor coating. Generally speaking, Epoxy floor coatings will cost an average of $2.00 a square foot for materials. Labor should run you about the same and typically the profit, if contracting, should be 50% to 100% or double the cost of the materials and labor. So a typical Garage floor using 100% solid professional grade 2 part resin and epoxy manufacturers recommended prep and layers should run $6 a square foot for the average homeowner. 

Grinding and Applying Epoxy Coating

The benefits of installing a new epoxy resin floor coating far outway the costs. 

If you are a company owner installing a new epoxy resin coating, especially using an aggregate like vinyl chips, will provide a beautiful “slip-resistant” and long-lasting coating that will protect your concrete slabs and give your business a modern “seamless” floor that can be customized to match your companies colors and logos can be easily embedded into the resin for entranceways and safety notices like fire exits and handicapped access areas.  

If you are a homeowner there is nothing that compares to a “seamless” floor. For millennia only the super-wealthy could afford “seamless” granite or marble floors made from slabs. Now an average homeowner can simulate a “seamless” marble floor using metallic epoxies to emulate all kinds of natural stone floors. And for Garage floors there is nothing that compares to a vinyl flake epoxy system to turn your garage into a “man cave” or “she shed”. 

Cost of A Garage Floor Varies Based On Durability Needs

There are many different  systems of epoxy floor coatings and costs for installing epoxy floors for different applications in the following industries and areas:

  • Restaurants, both front, and back of the house, were made for solid epoxy resin coatings. For the Kitchen (back of the house) A solid vinyl flake or quartz sand epoxy floor system is highly recommended. If your floors are already “sloped to drain(s)” then a quartz sand system is recommended so you can ensure a slip-resistant floor no matter how much grease is spilled and a simple and fast clean up using hot soapy water, a scrub brush, and a power rinse with cool clean hose water. If you do NOT have sloped floors to a drain then a vinyl chip epoxy floor system is perfect for your restaurants kitchens so cleaning with a mop and bucket and or squeegee is much easier with flake than quartz sand.
  • Warehouses are always filled with dirt and dust because concrete slabs grab the particles of dirt and dust and it is difficult to maintain a clean environment especially with forklifts and order picking machines and staff creating foot and equipment traffic. The best solution is to sand down the concrete slab smooth and clean and stain it a color that compliments the natural concrete color and then coat and protect with a 100% solid crystal clear epoxy resin topcoat that is hard as diamonds and UV and chemical resistant. Adding aggregates like vinyl chips or quartz sand will ensure a slip-resistant and beautiful commercial floor. Also, you can easily embed High Definition Pictures to the concrete before applying the epoxy for a custom branded look.
  • Offices are a perfect place for epoxy resin “seamless”’ floors because they are hypoallergenic and are super easy to keep spotlessly clean and you can create a one-of-a-kind custom look that matches your company’s branding, logos, and motif!
  • Basements this is the last place I would install epoxy! Only “above grade” basements should be considered candidates and only after moisture testing. I recommend a good cleaning and staining then sealing with a penetrating sealer like porous plus 511 if you have a below-grade basement. Florida of course has no basements as most developments already have moisture problems at street levels.
  • Garages are a heaven-sent chance for an epoxy floor installer to create a one-of-a-kind “ManCave ” or “SheShed ” Or to just install the world’s smartest and best choice for any garage floor. Add value to your home immediately after installing a professional 100% epoxy resin floor in your garage. Choose from thousands of decorative epoxy floors with metallic, flake, sand, solid colors, glitter, embedded graphics, and more!

Why you need a professional to install Epoxy

The best choice is to hire a professional contractor that uses 100% solid epoxy resin commercial grade high-quality products and make sure they are fully insured and come with outstanding references like the crews at the National Concrete Polishing nationwide network of contractors. Do not be fooled by locals with tremendous discounts who are just going to use a home improvement store off the shelf DIY “paint” with a small amount of epoxy in it that will fail within hours of the crew leaving your house! Please hire a quality contractor and enjoy your floor for decades not hours!

Chris Lavin is an esteemed leader in concrete polishing and epoxy coatings with a distinguished 20-year career. As the owner of National Concrete Polishing and Xtreme Polishing Systems, he's renowned for polishing and epoxy coating more floors than anyone globally. His companies, with over 20 locations across the United States, are testaments to his expertise and dedication to the industry. Chris is recognized for his innovative approach and commitment to enhancing floor durability and aesthetics. His hands-on experience and technical proficiency make him a respected authority and a valuable resource in the field of floor polishing and coatings.

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